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Book cover design

The first impression of your book, especially in this online shopping world, is of its cover. A book truly is judged, at least at first glance, by its cover. Our diverse group of artists has an eye for what sells to your book’s market. Because cover design is not one-size-fits-all, we offer three tiers of service to best serve your needs for each book you publish.

  • The Self-starter: If you already know exactly what you want and you have already selected a photo for us to build on, this is the design option for you. Tell us the genre, the title, and your pen name, and we will design your cover for $100.
  • The Perfect Pitch: For those that have polished their book pitch, know their audience, but would rather have a designer translate those words into art, this is the right choice. We will find the perfect photo to represent your work and design your cover around that theme for $175 plus stockphoto costs.
  • The Vision: If you would like to work with a designer for custom artwork, we will work with you to design your books cover to your unique specifications. Since each custom piece has its own developmental path, we offer quotations for custom designs beginning at $450.
To get started with book cover design

Please contact us with the genre, the title and pen name to be included on the cover, include the genre, which option above you are interested in (self-starter, perfect pitch, or vision) and any special instructions or timelines. For the Self-starter, please also attach your photo. While it is helpful for any option to include your book pitch, be sure to include it if you chose the Perfect Pitch or Vision. For the Vision, an artist will contact you to set a design plan. We will get back to you shortly with a final quote and payment instructions. All payments are accepted in advance through PayPal.

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