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Editing services

One of the most common reasons for negative book reviews is poor editing. Our experienced wordsmiths have the genre specific expertise to polish your book for the marketplace. Authors seek editing services for a variety of reasons, and those reasons can change depending upon where they are in the writing process.

Editing is personal and your comfort with the level of detail and type of editing suggestions we provide is key to the mutual success of the editing engagement. For this reason we begin every editing relationship by evaluating the first 20 pages of your manuscript. We will offer line editing and structural advice on the entire sample. The process will provide both you and the editor with a better idea of how to proceed and which editing services will best serve you. The fee for the initial evaluation is $100.

Once we have established a relationship, we have a variety of services to help you achieve your writing goals.

  • Proofreading: If your book is polished and just needs a final review for typos prior to publication, we will make corrections and email the document with indicated changes to you.
  • Copyediting: For books that are a bit earlier in the process, we offer the more hands on copyediting service. Generally at this stage your book is structurally sound, but still needs a second, expert set of eye in addition to evaluating and flagging for punctuation, spelling errors, grammar, tense, word choice, and minor sentence structure. Pricing includes, in additional to one round of email follow up, a half hour phone call to answer your questions.
  • Line Editing: Generally, this is the most popular choice if this is the first time professional eyes have reviewed your work. Line editing includes all items mentioned in proofreading and copyediting but also includes a more comprehensive critique of pace and balance, continuity, inconsistencies, style, and voice. Different for each book, the edit will include elements such as scene restructuring, point of view, and suggestions to make the writing more compelling. Pricing varies, depending upon goals set from the initial evaluation.

Have you ever studied a painting, watched a movie, or heard the news, then discussed what you experienced with someone else? Sometimes you are in agreement, but sometimes you see things quite differently. This is because your mind filters things based on your unique history and experiences.

Writing a book is such a personal experience. As you reach the end of the writing phase, you have read and reread so much. You find yourself too close to be able to objectively review the work.

At this point in your adventure, sharing the journey will be of great benefit. Working with a professional editor will not only polish your current book, but strengthen your craft for future works.

To get started with editing services

Please send an email cover letter including the genre, length of the entire manuscript, and your goals, along with the first 20 pages attached. Once an editor has been assigned we will send instructions for payment for the $100 initial evaluation. All payments are accepted in advance through PayPal.

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